Latest In Video Marketing: Long Form Vs. Short Form Videos

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Like many of you, I was surprised by the sudden increase in short-form videos in the past few years.

Platforms like TikTok , YouTube Shorts, and Meta ‘s Reels rapidly changed how we consume content, and it felt like everyone was racing to create the shortest, most engaging clips possible.

But recently, I’ve noticed a shift that excites me: longer videos are making a comeback.

My Observations & Community Feedback

In the past few months, I’ve observed a growing preference for videos that are longer than the typical minute or less.

While we’re not talking about a return to 30-minute or hour-long videos (unless you’re in a niche like YouTube essays or documentaries), there’s a trend towards content that spans two to five minutes.

Platform Adjustments Reflecting This Change

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by the major platforms:

  • Instagram Reels: Now allows videos up to 15 minutes.
  • TikTok: Is testing longer video formats and actively encouraging creators to produce extended content.
  • X (formerly Twitter): Has introduced a premium subscription that lets users upload videos up to two hours long.

Initially, I thought most platforms were simply seeking to compete with YouTube by implementing these significant changes.

However, some other reports indicate why even platforms that popularized short-form content are recognizing the value of longer videos.

Some Interesting Reasons For The Comeback

The Role of Social Search

An interesting development is how more people, especially Genz are using social media platforms for search instead of traditional search engines like Google.

A survey by eMarketer revealed that over 40% of Gen Z users prefer searching on social media platforms over traditional search engines. This shift emphasizes the need for more informative and engaging content, often found in longer videos

This means that just like detailed blog posts, there’s a growing demand for in-depth, well-produced video content that provides real value hence long-form videos.

Insights from Research

Neal Patel ‘s research at NP Digital has been enlightening for me as well.

While short-form content is great for increasing touchpoints with users, it doesn’t always help in forming a lasting brand connection.

Longer videos, however, allow for more comprehensive storytelling and deeper engagement, which can make your content more memorable.

What Are Marketers Doing About The Change?

According to a report by Wyzowl, approximately 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and up to 85% of those businesses reported that video gives them a good return on investment (ROI).

Since longer videos can lead to higher engagement rates, up to 88% of video marketers are beginning to see video as an important part of their overall strategy as they can translate into better ROI for advertisers.


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