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Food Delivery

Rideeats is a food ordering and delivery app, providing multiple users access to various restaurants in their local area. The suite of apps also include the Vendor app & app for Riders.

temitayo is marketing and rideeats

Creative Agency

Yoola is a creative agency at the centre of the creator economy helping creators list their content on platforms like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and many others. They also help creators with monetization, content localization and creator-reach growth.

Web Design Agency

Nerdheadz is a bespoke web design agency, helping small & medium-sized businesses build no-code web and mobile apps which include no-code SaaS tools, eCommerce apps and CRM & ERP apps.

eSim SaaS Tool

Telekonek is a bespoke e-SIm service provider. The SaaS tool provides professional, family and solo travellers with access to cross border internet plans & mobile connectivity!