5 Best Platforms To Find Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote As A Nigerian

So have you decided that you want to be an affiliate marketer, and you want to make money off recommending products to people? 

If you have, you’re probably aware by now that there are 3 models to make money off affiliate marketing. 

However, if you’re not aware of these 3 models, simply go back to the videos in the previous episodes of this series, it’s all in a single playlist and quickly get yourself up to date in under 30 minutes. 

So today, we are going to be talking about the 5 Platforms or Marketplaces in Nigeria where you can find affiliate marketing products to promote 

And we are also going to list those marketplaces that are free for anyone to access!

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 Let’s dive right into it. 

The first platform will be the most popular one and the oldest one as far as I’m concerned and it’s called


Founded and owned by Toyin Omotoso, a renowned affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

Expertnaire is still one of the most reliable platforms to get access to many digital products in Nigeria. 

The products on expertnaire are mostly digital courses & informational materials.

Like baking courses, eCommerce courses,  freelancing courses, and even video materials on how to reduce body fat. 

Although there are a few hiccups with the UI of the platform and the ease of searching or combing through the marketplace. 

It’s still one of the most reliable platforms in Nigeria as far as payments are concerned.  

Expertnaire pays its registered affiliates every Friday, for all the sales they made the week before, so if you’re looking to quickly get the money for your sales instantly, it might not be a good idea for you to register on expertnaire.


Also, accessing the marketplace costs you about 10,000 NGN,  which is around $15. So if $15 is a large buck for you, expertnaire might not be your favourite platform. 

However, One of the perks of Expertnaire is that, when you buy Toyin Omotoso’s course called the 72IG through an affiliate, the program automatically allows you access to the marketplace for a year. 

The program teaches you all the steps you need to take to succeed as an affiliate marketer, and it’s a great bonus that you can also easily access the marketplace and choose a product or products for you to promote. 

If you want access to the program, I’ll provide the link in the comments or in the description below this video. 

The second marketplace where you can find awesome affiliate marketing deals in Nigeria on my list is 

Selar.co or Tryselar

And this marketplace is a little bit more modern and has a straightforward UI compared to the expertnaire platform.

Tryselar also prides itself in having a physical and digital products marketplace and has almost everything you’d expect to see in a proper eCommerce platform.

However, in recent times due to the news & rumours being shared around, it appears that Tryselar might have a weaker vendor verification system. 

This means on Tryselar, anyone can sell any digital & physical product with little to no verification by the system admins. 

So, the most important thing is, if you’re an affiliate on Tryselar, make sure you research each vendor thoroughly before choosing to promote their product. 

Since the marketplace hasn’t really done that for you.


Tryselar as of the time I joined, costs only about N2,000 to join as an affiliate, and that gives you access to over 10,000 products that you can promote on your own.

Also, one of the advantages of Tryselar is that, if you know a product vendor or creator personally, they can add you as an affiliate to their product without you having to pay the N2,000 fee to access the entire marketplace. 

Although that means you will only get your affiliate link to promote that product and none else. 

Also, Tryselar supports foreign customers and allows them to make payments in their local currencies, and pays their affiliates 24 hours after a sale has been made.., 

They however only settle the affiliates in the local currency of that affiliate marketer and not in the foreign currency of the customer.

The third platform that I’ll recommend is 


Stakecut made it to the list because they provide free and unfettered access to the marketplace for a newbie, and yes. 

What’s sold on Stakecut is also digital courses. 

One of the advantages of stakecut is that the primary currency of the marketplace is US dollars which means you can sell the products on the platform to foreign customers and foreign buyers. 

However, this might be a bit affected by the fact that a majority of the course creators are Nigerians & black and this might be a sales objective that you’ll end up having to tackle with every customer you meet. 

Getting more products on the platform is the responsibility of the admin team and it appears recently that the admin team is working hard to get more courses and course creators on the platform. 

One of the unique upside to Stakecut is also the fact that the platform runs affiliate sales challenges and pay out prizes to you if you win their sales challenges, 

And these challenges might make your affiliate marketing business a thrilling experience.

So, The fourth platform that I’ll add to this list is,

Jumia KOL Platform

Okay, we can’t really term this as a marketplace, but the Jumia KOL platform gives you access to multiple offers created by Jumia and the Jumia marketplace 

But more importantly, it also 

allows you to create affiliate links for custom products that are trending and available on Jumia, 

This means, if you found out that a product is trending, you can easily copy the link to it and use the Jumia KOL program to generate your own affiliate link to that exact product. 

Then once you do that, you begin promoting your link and on anyone who buys, you earn your affiliate commission. 

The only downside to the Jumia KOL platform is, the commissions are relatively low and that’s why most affiliate marketers in Nigeria often go for the platforms that display digital products with larger commissions. 

The last platform we’re going to add to this list, a popular platform that allows Nigerians to promote its product easily is

Amazon Affiliate Program. 

If you are familiar with Amazon, you know there are millions of products and over 330 million users of the platform alone. 

This means you can easily find any product you want to promote and quickly do research on its manufacturer, although Amazon already has processes in place to make sure all transactions go smoothly. 

To succeed as an Amazon affiliate marketer, you’ll need a foreign account to receive your funds, as you’ll be paid in USD.

This has however been made easy by the availability of platforms like Payoneer that allows you to create an account and receive major foreign currencies like the USD, GBP, and EUR. 

So many Nigerian freelancers, Amazon Kindle Publishers and many affiliate marketers use Payoneer.

You can convert your foreign EARNING from the Payoneer account to Nigerian naira at the best exchange rate. 

Other platforms that you can access as an affiliate marketer, and that are quite commonly mentioned by Nigerian affiliate marketers is 

JVZoo and Warriorplus. 

Although I found it quite hard to navigate these platforms, which is one of the reasons why they didn’t make this list 

it appears that when you do want to promote courses on these platforms, 

you have to apply to become a promoter and the vendors or product creators need to approve you before you can promote their product. 

Also, a majority of product creators on these two platforms are foreigners which means your vendor research must be in depth. 

So of course, if you’re just starting out your affiliate marketing journey in Nigeria, expertnaire gives you access to the marketplace and training through Toyin Omotoso’s course

Selar costs only 2k, but you need to do thorough vendor research and Stakecut is free, but provides no form of training and is mainly denominated in USD.

Your choice of platform is highly dependent on you, your pocket size and your experience with selling digital or physical products online. 

However, If asked to recommend what to do for a newbie,

I will always recommend the Toyin Omotoso’s course, for the sheer access to the wealth of knowledge that it provides 

Temitayo Michael

Clients and customers acquisition expert. Digital Marketing Freelancer and copywriter. Lover of Christ and a fan of Lhasa Apsos

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