5 CPL Affiliate Marketing Deals To Take Advantage Of in 2023

5 Cost per lead affiliate marketing deals
Cost per lead affiliate marketing deals to take advantage of as a Nigerian


There’s a saying I got from Alex Hormozi, which he in turn got from Charley Munger which says 

How hard you row is not as important as the boat you are in 

And what that simply means is, even if you’re an affiliate marketer 

How good you are as an affiliate marketer is not as important as the deals you have chosen to dedicate time promoting. 

So in this article, we’ll be talking about 5 CPL affiliate marketing deals that you can take advantage of, some of which I’m also involved in

and that are highly converting with good enough commissions. 

We’ll also talk about the potential audiences you can target with each deal, but of course, you’re welcome to do your own research and target a different audience.

What Is CPL or Cost Per Lead Affiliate Marketing?

If you don’t know what CPL or Cost Per Lead Affiliate Marketing Is

Quickly watch the video below to get yourself updated.

Also, to learn about the 3 Major Categories for doing affiliate marketing, which include:

The CPS or Commission Per Sale Model, 

The Cost Per Lead and 

The Revenue Share Model

You can take a quick recap here.

So, let’s go ahead. 

The first Commission Per Lead deal you want to take advantage of is:


Grammarly is software that helps people communicate with confidence across devices and platforms. 

Grammarly’s AI-powered suggestions appear wherever you write, helping people to improve the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of their writing.

Grammarly’s Commission and Rates

The software costs only about $12 to $15 a month, has a free plan and even gives users a trials period of 7 days

Also, the quarterly payment and annual payments on Grammarly allow users to pay around $5 a month, making it an extremely affordable product to access

As an affiliate of Grammarly, you can take a cut of this (or your commission) by sharing your referral link for customers to sign up on the platform. 

Grammarly allows users to add an extension on their devices that helps them with suggestions to correct their sentences and grammar everywhere they write even in their text messaging apps like Whatsapp. 

What Are The Typical Audiences For Your Grammarly CPL Affiliate Program?

I’ll start with people like me. One of your target audiences for affiliate marketing for Grammarly affiliate deal is,

1. Copywriters

Copywriters write words for sales pages, video scripts like the one I use for my Youtube Channel, content for blogs, adverts and many other marketing materials.

Since grammatical errors can widely affect the outcome of a copy, which in turn affects the credibility and portfolio of the copywriter, it is one tool all copywriters want to use.

Copywriters need the functionality of a word and syntax suggestion artificial intelligence tool like Grammarly. 

If you’re a copywriter, one of the most important tools that must be in your digital arsenal is Grammarly. 

And I’ve provided you with the link here to set up a free account. 

2. Journalists

Journalists write editorial content, content for TV, BillBoards and Newspapers and sometimes also for blogs. 

As such, Journalists can’t afford to have grammatical errors in their publications and content as they are typically accessible to the general public or a large number of people.

So if you really want to target a group of customers with your content, it’s a great idea to sell or promote the Grammarly AI app to Journalists. 

If you’re a journalist, the link to set up a free account on Grammarly for Journalist can be accessed here.

3. Marketers or Business owners:

Business owners do a lot of writing as do most marketers. 

Grammarly is a tool majority of them use, some like me, even use it as an extension within our browsers.

Business owners also often recommend Grammarly to copywriters on their team.

So if you’re an affiliate marketer creating content for business owners, this means that you should create content or adverts showcasing the benefits of using the Grammarly software to these business owners.

And finally, the last set of customers to target with your Grammarly Commission Per Lead offer is

4. Students

Students do a lot of writing which makes them highly likely to need an AI writing assistant. 

A good indicator of this is their massive adoption of the chatGPT AI tool.

Also, we have also observed that even content or projects written using chatGPT can still be improved with the Grammarly software.

So, if you create content for students, it’s a great idea to include Grammarly in the affiliate deals that you’re promoting to them as an affiliate marketer

With that, we wrap up discussions on the Grammarly CPL affiliate program. 

And dive right into the second offer on our list which is, 

2. Getresponse Affiliate Program.

Getresponse is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses build and manage their email lists,

It also helps marketers create landing pages, automate marketing campaigns, and more.

As an affiliate, you can earn USD commissions by promoting Getresponse and referring customers and businesses to use the platform.

Commission and Rates:

GetResponse offers customers a free one-month use of their platform and their fees typically start at $19 a month.

And Getresponse Affiliate Program offers a commission rate of up to 33% on every sale referred through your affiliate link.

Also, Getresponse Affiliate Offer allows you to opt-in for a single one-time deal of $100 per customer you refer.

So you can either choose to get 33% for the period of time your customer is on the platform or you can get $100 once.

The commission rate is also tiered, which means it can increase based on the number of sales you generate.

Since GetResponse offers their new users the first month free, you can that as a marketing message or offer to attract many customers to it.

_Temitayo Is Marketing.

To participate in the Getresponse Affiliate Program, you need to sign up as an affiliate and get your unique affiliate tracking link.

You can then promote Getresponse through various channels such as your website, blog, social media, or email marketing.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for Getresponse, you earn a commission on their purchase.

Typical Audiences To Target With Your GetResponse CPL Affiliate Program?

1. Small Business Owners:

Small business owners usually require an all-in-one marketing solution to manage their email campaigns, create landing pages, and automate their marketing workflows.

Getresponse provides a user-friendly platform that caters to their specific needs, making them a good audience to target with such an offer.

If you create own a small online business, you can sign up to start taking advantage of the first free month of Getresponse here.

2. eCommerce Entrepreneurs:

E-commerce entrepreneurs like entrepreneurs who use Shopify, or Jumia or who sell with an online storefront can leverage Getresponse to build and grow their customer base.

With features like email marketing automation and customer segmentation, they can effectively engage with their target audience and drive sales.

If you own a clothing brand or an eCommerce business, you can take advantage of the first free month on Getresponse here.

3. Bloggers and Content Creators:

Bloggers and content creators can utilize Getresponse to build their email list, create visually appealing newsletters,

and automate their content distribution.

It helps them establish a loyal audience and drive traffic to their websites.

If you own a Youtube channel, create content for multiple social media or an eCommerce business,

you can take advantage of the first free month of Getresponse here.

4. Marketing Agencies:

Marketing agencies are the biggest beneficiaries of Getresponse’s collaborative features,

Getresponse allows agency team members to collaborate on marketing campaigns, track performance, and provide clients with detailed analytics.

It also streamlines their marketing processes and enhances client satisfaction.

If you own a marketing agency, or you’re thinking of building one, you can take advantage of the first free month of Getresponse here.

As an affiliate marketer, who also uses email marketing to reach out to your audience or customers, Getresponse is an awesome tool in your arsenal.

The third CPL deal you can take advantage of is

3. Fiverr Affiliate Program:

Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace where individuals and businesses often go to find freelancers for various services, which includes

  • Graphic designs,
  • Writing,
  • Programming, and more.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions by referring clients to Fiverr.

Once these clients hire a seller or a freelancer on Fiverr, you automatically get a commission.

Commission and Rates:

The commission rate for the Fiverr Affiliate Program varies depending on the service category you referred a buyer or client to

and also, the type of purchase made by the referred client.

The commission rates can range from $15 to $150 per referral, and there are additional performance-based bonuses available for high-performing affiliates.

To join the Fiverr Affiliate Program, you need to sign up and get approved as an affiliate.

Once approved, you can access various promotional materials, including banners, text links, and widgets, to promote Fiverr on your website or other marketing channels.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on Fiverr, you automatically earn a commission.

What Are The Typical Audiences For Your Fiverr CPL Affiliate Program?

1. Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Since most small business owners and entrepreneurs often have limited resources and may require specialized services on a budget.

Fiverr provides a convenient solution by offering affordable freelance services across various categories.

By targeting this audience, you can emphasize how Fiverr can help them access skilled professionals without the need for long-term commitments of employees or high costs.

Entrepreneurs often hire services like optimizers, virtual assistants, freelance graphic designers and many others

And since the marketplace provides them access to a pool of talent, they can always hire more services as they require.

If you are a business owner looking for talent on a budget, you can take advantage of Fiverr and its offers here.

2. Website and Blog Owners:

Website and blog owners often need assistance with content creation (like this blog post), graphic design, web development, and other digital services.

Fiverr offers a vast pool of talented freelancers who can fulfil these needs quickly and efficiently.

By focusing on this audience, you can highlight how Fiverr simplifies the process of finding reliable freelancers and obtaining high-quality work for their online platforms.

If you are a Website or Blog owner looking for freelancers on a budget, you can take advantage of Fiverr and its offers here.

3. Digital Marketers and Agencies:

Digital marketers and marketing agencies frequently require specialized skills to execute their campaigns effectively.

Fiverr provides access to a diverse range of freelancers with expertise in areas such as SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, and copywriting.

By targeting this audience as an affiliate marketer, you can emphasize how Fiverr enables them to find the right talent for specific projects and deliver exceptional results to their clients.

If you are an agency owner looking for freelancers on a budget, you can take advantage of Fiverr and its offers here.

4. Binance-Crypto Affiliate Program

Binance is a leading cryptocurrency trading app, offering a wide range of digital currencies, including stablecoins that are pegged to the US dollar.

With the significant increase in the value of Bitcoin and the emergence of numerous alternative coins (altcoins), the cryptocurrency sector has witnessed a surge in traders and investors.

In line with this growth, Binance introduced an enticing Affiliate Program that provides opportunities for marketers to earn attractive commissions and rewards.

Commission and Rates:

The Binance Affiliate Program offers generous commissions and rewards to its affiliates. By referring customers to the platform, affiliates have the potential to earn lucrative incentives.

Here are some of the commission rates and rewards available on Binance :

A. Sign-Up Bonus:

Affiliates can earn up to $100 worth of USDT when they successfully refer a customer who signs up on the Binance platform.

B. SPOT Trading Commission:

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn up to 50% of the trading fees generated by customers they refer for SPOT trades.

C. Futures Commission:

Affiliates can earn up to 30% commission on the earnings generated by their referred customers in Futures trading.

D. Binance Pool Commission:

Affiliates are eligible to receive 30% of the commissions earned by their referred customers on Binance Pool.

To become an approved affiliate marketer on Binance, certain criteria must be met.

And these include:

Social Media Reach or/and A Trading Community

Affiliates for Binance required to have

  1. A minimum of 5000 followers on social media platforms or
  2. A trading community with more than 500 members.

However, even without meeting these criteria, anyone can still register for a Binance account and participate in their referral program.

By doing so, users can gain access to refer others to Binance and earn a substantial reward.

Specifically, for each successful referral where the new user deposits $50 or more, the referring user receives $100 or 100 USDT (which is equivalent to $100)

What Are The Typical Audiences For Your Binance CPL Affiliate Program?

These target audiences are ideal for the Binance Affiliate Program because they already possess a level of interest, knowledge, or experience in the cryptocurrency market.

By focusing on these audiences, you can effectively communicate the value proposition of Binance

and the benefits of participating in the affiliate program, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting referrals and earning commissions.

1. Crypto Enthusiasts and Traders:

Crypto enthusiasts and experienced traders who are actively engaged in the cryptocurrency market are an ideal target audience for the Binance Affiliate Program.

These individuals already have an understanding of cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, and the value of using a reliable and trusted platform like Binance.

By promoting the Binance offers to this audience, you can leverage their knowledge and experience to attract potential customers who are more likely to engage in trading activities on Binance.

2. Influencers and Content Creators in the Cryptocurrency Niche:

Influencers and content creators who have built a strong following in the cryptocurrency niche can be highly effective in promoting the Binance Affiliate Program.

Their expertise, credibility, and established audience make them influential voices in the industry.

As an affiliate marketer, you can either become an influencer in the niche yourself or

You can showcase the benefits of Binance and the earning potential through the affiliate program to these influencers who then drive significant traffic

and referrals to the platform.

3. Investors Seeking Diversification:

This is my favourite audience to target.

Investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolios by including cryptocurrencies can be a valuable target audience for the Binance Affiliate Program.

These individuals have already invested in traditional assets like stocks, bonds, or real estate and are now exploring the opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies.

By highlighting Binance’s extensive range of digital currencies you can begin to earn through the affiliate program,

You simply need to capture the attention of these investors and encourage them to join the platform.

4. Tech-Savvy Individuals and Early Adopters:

Tech-savvy individuals and early adopters who are also keen on exploring new technologies and trends can be an excellent target audience for the Binance Affiliate Program.

These individuals, like students, are often the first to embrace innovative platforms and are eager to learn about cryptocurrency trading.

By emphasizing Binance’s advanced trading features, user-friendly interface, and the potential to earn rewards, you can appeal to their sense of curiosity and the desire to be part of the latest digital advancements.

And last, but not least, you can sign up as an affiliate for


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